2012 IFSUG Summit Proceedings
March 4-6, Cary, NC

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Get Your Fast Pass to Building Business Intelligence with SAS® and Google Analytics
Tricia Aanderud (And Data Inc) and Angela Hall (SAS)

ADDR/PEEK/POKE to Rescue: Winning the Time Race with Big-Block Performance
Paul Dorfman (Independent Consultant) and Lessia Shajenko (Bank of America)

Manage Your Partners Before You Manage Your Dashboards: Designing Great Dashboards
Stephen Harris (Bank of America)

Portfolio Backtesting: Using SAS® to Generate Randomly Populated Portfolios for Investment Strategy Testing
Mark Keintz (Wharton Research Data Services)

Marketing Optimization: A Case Study at a Major US Bank
Jim Monteleone (True Customer Group)

Interactive Textual Parsing and Intraday Event Studies with SAS®
Rabih Moussawi (Wharton Research Data Services)

One-Pass Techniques in SAS®
Premal Vora (Pennsylvania State University)

Basel Analytic Model Lifecycle Management and WP14 Performance Monitoring
Robin Way (Corios LLC)

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